My Dixie Wrecked

by The Callous Daoboys

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This is our first EP. We wrote all of these songs together over the course of about 4 months. It's been an absolute honor to play them live to such amazing and enthusiastic crowds.


released April 1, 2017

Maddie Caffrey - Guitar
Alex Jerral - Drums
Claire Darling - Bass, Additional Vocals on Track 7
Adam Collins - Guitar
Amber Christman - Violin, Additional Vocals on Track 7
Carson Pace - Lead Vocals

Produced by Randy Garcia and The Callous Daoboys
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Randy Garcia at Fort Karate

Special thanks: Pinkest, TJ, Bitter, Newark Wilder, Okilly Dokilly, Beatallica, Justin O'Brien, NEWMONEY, Aidan Burns, The Pellys, BullMoose, BiRDPERSON, Antarcticats, Parker Marlow Randy Garcia, Michael Cera Palin, Sarah And The Safe Word, Elliott Brabant, Clay Foust, ammonia wash, Joe Williams, Jacob Cruz, Linds, Jon Williams, Amy G Dala, The Boys Round Here, Crosstalk, Jake Crimmins, Jay Douglas, RowdyDowdy, Mammal Gallery, The Masquerade, Blind Tiger, Cam & Suzy, branches., Ans, Jack & Joey Buckalew, Zachary Jones, Chava Flax, Loner, Young Sirens, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Josh Scogin, Michael McCellan, '68, Wade Hudson, Sarah Sanford, Every Time I Die, Joella Marano, Ben Morgan, Aaron David Heath, Tim Strohsnitter Jr., Jordan Taylor, Aaron Bailey, ETIDIOTS, The Dillinger Compound, Jada Howard, Sam & Kate Teegardin, Kyle Wilkerson, Bryce Castillo, Ethan Farist, kudzu kids, and Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Evan Seeds, Jabow Crusa, Ben Kinzer, James Patton Graham



all rights reserved


The Callous Daoboys Atlanta, Georgia

We Make Mathcore and Noise Metal That Can Be Played On NPR. Hit us up with that Tiny Desk, yeah? But seriously, I think we're technically a Partyviolence band. Who knows.

Carson - Vocals
Claire - Bass
Amber - Violin
Maddie - Guitar
Alex - Drums
Adam - Guitar
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Track Name: You Know I Had To Do It To Em
Track Name: What
Lyrics by Carson Pace

This is not a template
this is a carefully crafted masterpiece
this is not a major worry
this is just your pet peeve

rolling through reels
that everyone has seen before
pretentious in taste, but typical to your bed posts
failed projects, non-descript, retreating to tropes

and they're keeping us bored [x4]

none of you know what love is
none of you know what love is

especially not you [x4]

lock your doors
close your windows

keep em shut [x4]
Track Name: It
TW/CW: R*pe, Sexual Assault, Violence, Abuse

Notes: The first verse of this song is from the perspective of a sexual assaulter. It's graphic, but I think it's important to stress how sick of a character he is. The second verse is from the perspective of a victim.

When we originally wrote this, it was more of a Brock Turner diss track, but that was before an incident similar to Turner's happened within our circle of friends. If you see someone who might be taken advantage of due to heavy intoxication, protect them. Don't regret not intervening later, and don't, under any circumstances be apologetic to the assaulter.


Lyrics by Amber Christman & Carson Pace

Lay your hair down, So i can burn it
I am so grateful for the way that you're supposed to be
when will things change? I'm enjoying myself
I'm raising eyebrows, but I'll never get caught
press up your chest, that's how i like it
You'll never know, she'll feel hell if she does
don't ever tell, I'll win in court
6 months felt fine,
it's time to swim

your way
through the
never suspect

what a wonderful sense of timing you must have
(not for the walls but for the blood)

surprise you fucking thief
you've taken the veil
how unexpected

your mother hates when I take the stand
surprise witness hate to see me again
all while i slept, you are the scum
the earth spits into hell
i hope you brought guns, cuz here they come to kill
left or right, they came to kill
they rip you apart in a typhoon of hate
then pull out your throat to make sure you never swim
Track Name: Tag Yourself, I'm The Tan Line
Hardwire me, I took too much medicine
god created me, you'll fall in love
don't fall in love
become the lake, gluttony with hate
gluttony with hate

learn your parts
stop asking questions

there's too much blood being spilled
enough to complicate this split
watch me fall away, then drown into fame
rejoice, rejoice, refrain

I'm digging two graves, one for my god, one for my crutch

you never think that you're dead, until you fall into a routine
Track Name: Die Glocke
Lyrics by Amber Christman & Carson Pace

The Hunt for zero point is still paved with good intentions
it could only be red mercury to stab into the clock
for every nation that falls there is an officer that turns
social service is the blood clot, the red skull overturns

this massacre occurs in graves that are so narrow,
you're safe, you know you're safe,
but this fight's still yours to handle
i guess i never play again
I guess i never play again

do you feel it?
do you feel the blades inside you?

In the wake of disaster
he lives

personally taken away

Hister lives in history,
articles and psalmistry
hister's in america
but if he dies, it's worse

judgement day,
personally taken away

Copyright infringement at it's finest
There's no such thing as silver lining
there's no more "punk rock" in my blood
Track Name: She Thinks My Tractor Beam Is Sexy
(note: I wrote this song when I was 17. Found it again when I was 20, and it meant something completely different to me.)

I remember sinking into the couch
your parents could hear me beg and plead

please dear god don't leave
you aren't even 18, can't control the mistakes you're making
can't control the mistakes you're making

don't leave my side, you know i can't deal with the
fangs of the sentence
(the catholic girl with body paint)
the catholic girl with body paint

4 years I wait and whine,
with see you again as the tag line

here's to hoping
Track Name: How To Attack The Oldest Roller Coaster In America
stabalize it
Opium sounds so good
give me that pipe i wanna bitch and complain about my girl
till it haunts me
the drugs can come up and get on the floor
break my death

I have buried eleven of you,
you will bury clones of me
give up the gun

if it's just two bodies doing the same thing, it'll feel the same way, it'll feel the same way
if it's just two bodies doing the same thing, it'll feel the same way, it'll feel the same way

complicate it
fentanyl tastes like shit
give me that pipe i wanna bitch and complain about my girl
till it haunts me
the drugs can come up and get on the floor
break my death

(literally just count to 45)